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Zoho One Services

ZOHO ONE combines forty different, but completely integrated, business apps into a single platform. Everything from bookings to accounting, from sales force automation to capture a 360-degree view of your customers, from workflow management to project management, they are already inside your ZOHO ONE.

infoThink Solutions is a ZOHO certified consultant and developer located in Perth, Western Australia. We work with our clients to help them unlock the full potential from the ZOHO platform. We do this by carefully implementing ZOHO ONE for our clients, leverage all the possibility from all the out-of-the-box functionality and native system integration. We also develop custom functions using deluge, integrate ZOHO with your business Website, and DIY custom application using ZOHO Creator.

Whether you are already using ZOHO and need a little help or if you are a looking for a new software package for your business operations, contact us, and we’ll show you what ZOHO can do!

Your personalised end-to-end ZOHO ONE carer

As we commit to providing excellent service to all our clients, we also take care of your support and billing questions during the onboarding process or set up your ongoing support package with us.

Certificate of Accreditation

Zoho Consulting Partners customise, integrate, and implement Zoho solutions for their clients. Once this custom system goes live, Consulting Partners train client-side users, offer first-level customer support and manage relationships.

All Zoho Consulting Partners provide customer solutions around Zoho products.

  1. Analyse
    Understand our customer needs and business processes. Plan and integrate Zoho products.
  2. Implement
    Implement and customise solutions to fit customers' needs and business processes.
  3. Training
    We offer training to our customer to get the most value for their business with Zoho products.
  4. Support
    Provide ongoing consulting and support as customer needs change or evolve. Look for opportunities to generate additional value from other Zoho products.

Yes, we receive sales commissions from Zoho.

Working with Zoho Partner, you should expect:

  • Expertise in cloud products and client implementation
  • Deep knowledge of product categories include CRM, support, marketing automation, finance, and sales
  • High Market knowledge of Zoho products
  • High technical skills to customise Zoho products and platforms through implementation, third-party integrations, and custom workflows

Zoho has a partner's tier system and each tier represent the annual revenue generated and growth from the previous year. It doesn't represent the level of market knowledge, product knowledge, technical skills and customer services you receive from the partner.

We have more than 7 years product knowledge in CRM, marketing automation, digital experience, service excellence and technical implementation. 

We implement enterprise grade business solutions and dedicated industry knowledge. 

We run scrum project, agile development and implement best practice solutions. 



$120 per hour +GST


$160 Per Hour +GST

Custom Function